Great Pyramid of Measurements

I believe the GP {Great Pyramid of Giza} has an intended base side length of 756 modern-day Feet with a “finished” height of 480, modern-day Feet. Cyclic digits will be underlined

Or else 756 x 12 = 9072 Inches, along with 480 x 12 = 5760 Inches, creating a volume of 91445760 Cubic Feet, in addition to a Tan of 1.269841 {480 ÷ 378} we discover that 1.269841 is 1.25 x 1.015873 the, most appropriate, Eye of Horus fraction {64:63} as will be seen upon the American dollar bill

The Tan multiplied by 2.4888 = 3.160493827 the Rhind Papyrus fraction {256:81}

The Tan multiplied by 0.8296296 = 1.053497942386…the Pythagorean Limma {256:243}

Likewise, the Comma multiplied twice by the Limma obtains exactly, 1.125 which for example is 9 divided by 8, or 5760 divided by 5120, the 4th PWS member is 512. Then again, the Limma x Limma x 531441 = 589824, this, for example, is the Greek Mile of 5068.8 x 116.3636 this divided by the Eye of Horus fraction obtains: 114.5454 obviously 100 Egyptian Feet of 1.14545, the options are numerous

Or the 589824 minus 576000 = 13824, the Canonical “Sacred” Foot is 1.3824 and 13824 minus the GP 3024 = 10800, the Lunar, Yin-Yang number is 1080, or 13824 is 3024 x 4.571428 one seventh of 32, etc, etc

Since the “Rhind” is three times the “Limma” obviously the 0.8296296 x 3 = 2.4888 that multiplied by 1215 = 3024 which is the GP base perimeter

The Tan multiplied by exactly 0.79824407100677490234375 = 1.0136432647705078125 the Comma of Pythagoras the 0.79824407100677490234375 x 16777216 = 13392313.2

The 1st PWS {Plato’s World-Soul} member: 384 is the 0.79824407100677490234375 x 481.0558749…this multiplied by 18.9 = 9091.956036…that minus 9072 = 19.95603651…that multiplied by 649539 = 12962224, this is 0.77260875701904296875 x 16777216 {Please see 16777216 below}

Hence 0.79824407100677490234375 minus the prior exact 0.77260875701904296875 = 0.02563531398773193359375 that multiplied by 524288 = 13440.2875 this divided by Gematria Value: Simon Peter: 1925 then multiplied by Gematria: Founder of the City: 1225 = 8552.91022727

This: 8552.91022727 is, for example, the Egyptian Stade {600ft.} of 687.2727 x 12.4447106481481 that multiplied by 414720 = 5161070.4 this is the 1st PWS member: 384 x 13440.2875 The Egyptian Stade {600ft.} of 687.2727 x 1.1 = 756

The 414720 is a multiple of: 20736, 10368, 51840, 25920, 12960, etc, otherwise 414720 will obtain 829440, 2488320, 9123840, 14515200, 3276288, 4561920000 {Atlantis} 62208000, 72990720 {Stonehenge} 72576000, 91238400, 93312000 etc, all Units of Measure

Likewise: 414720 multiplied by Gematria Value: Mary: 192 = 79626240 this reduced to 7962.624 x 3.142857 = 25025.389714285 that minus the NC {Numerical Canon} Earth mean circumference of: 24883.2 = 142.189714285 this divided by the Stonehenge Outer Circle diameter {729.9072 ÷ 7} of 104.2724571428 = 1.3636 one eleventh of 15

The 649539 is the Comma of Pythagoras {531441:524288} component: 531441 x 1.222 one ninth of 11

And 13392313.2 divided by the Greek Mile of 5068.8 = 2642.10724431818 which, for example, is the Egyptian Cubit of 1.71818 x 1537.734375 this divided by the “Comma” of exactly 1.0136432647705078125 = 1517.037037 that multiplied by 8.1 = 12288, a Musical Scales “number”

Hence 1517.037037 will obtain: 24576, 36864, 49152, 18432, 82944, etc, all Musical Scales “numbers”

Yet 1517.037037 will likewise obtain: 3072, the 21st PWS member……1536 the 13th……4608 the 26th……= 6144…. the 29th PWS member……6912 the 31st……9216 the 35th…etc

The 1517.037037 will also obtain: 1152…13824…20736…3456…48384…50688…5760…76032…80640…96768…101376…10368…145152…142884…152064…17280…etc all units of measure, albeit increased

And the prior indicated: 16777216 is 32 x 524288 the “Comma” component. 16777216 is also a multiple of 512…1024…2048….4096… 8192, all PWS members {16777216 is the Acres in one Square Mile: 640 x 26214.4 that multiplied by 20 = 524288

Moreover 756 x 259200000000 = 195955200000000 the Nineveh Constant, likewise the Maya: Long Count days: 1360800 x 144000000 = 195955200000000

The square root of the GP Volume: 91445760 = 9562.727644349… that divided by the GP base perimeter of 3024 obtains: 3.162277660168379…this is √2 x √5

Likewise, 756 Cos. x 2 = 1.61803398874989…this is Phi

Likewise, 480 Sine: x 2 = 1.732050807568877…this is √3

The GP decimal Slant Angle is: 51. 7795679451499…, this converts to degrees, minutes, seconds as: 51° 46′ 46.4446″ Whereas W. F. Petrie maintained: “Casing stones, in situ, N. Side, by theodolite 51°.46′.45″ ± 2’…

Therefore my 51° 46′ 46.4446″, I consider, is quite acceptable since it obtains an Earth Equatorial circumference of 24901.3558716249…miles

The GP decimal Edge Angle, of:  41.92109147699452…converts to 41° 55′ 15.929 this converts to 364409 feet and the 364409 x 360 ÷ 5280 = 24846.068181 this multiplied by the Greek foot of 1.002727 = 24902.53651859…a tolerable Equatorial circumference

The GP Edge Length is the √516168 = 718.44832799582…this multiplied by Phi x Pi x 6.8181 = 24900.130865496 …a tolerable Earth Equatorial circumference, the 6.8181 x 844.8 = 5760, the 844.8 is 5280 x 0.1

The GP volume of 91445760 Cubic Feet abridged to read as: 9.144576 x Pi x Phi x Phi then divided by the Egyptian Cubit of 1.71818 = 43.7743401…this minus 13.53434 = 30.239996665…that multiplied by 100 = 3023.9996665…tolerable as the GP base perimeter of 3024 Feet

And 3023. 9996665..x 3 = 9071.9989997…that divided by 1.575 = 5759.999364…tolerable as 5760 the GP height in Inches, or 479.99994707…Feet that likewise multiplied by 1.575 = 755.99991664…all tolerable a the GP: 3024, 9072, 5760 and 480

The 13.53434 x 3960 = 53596 that minus 50400 = 3196 this is 3024 plus 172 that multiplied by 2.8 = 481.6 that multiplied by 12 = 5779.2 that minus the GP 5760 = 19.2, the Gematria Value: Mary is 192, the first member of PWS {Plato’s World-Soul} is 384 which is twice 192, and so it continues

As indicated prior, the Great Pyramid base-side length of 756 modern-day Feet is 9072 Inches. The “finished” height with the magnificent Pyramidion affixed to the Apex is 480 Feet otherwise 5760 Inches. Subsequently: the Great Pyramid base area of 571536 square feet multiplied by the Pyramid Tan {480:378} of 1.269841 = 725760

110.08Greek Footx72000
246656Cubic Inches in one Cubic Yardx15.5555555555
343560Square Feet in one Acre x16.6611570248
44840Square Yards in one Acrex149.9504132231
5640Acres in one Square Milex1134
693312000NC Earth to Sun Milesx0.0077777778
7237600NC  Earth to Moon Milesx3.0545454545
824883.2NC mean Earth Circumfrencex29.166666666
91080Lunar/Yin-Yang numberx672
101.764Plato’s 5040 ÷ 2857.142857 Feetx411428.571428
11882Gematria: City of godx822.85714285
121176Gematria: Only/begotten sonx617.14285714
133168Gematria: Lord Jesus Christx229.09090909
141225Gematria: Founder of the Cityx592.45714285
150.90514285714Common Mycenaean Footx801818.18181
16691.2Egyptian Stade: 691.2x1050
173024Great Pyramid perimeter in feetx240
18633.6Greek furlongx1145.4545454
195068.8Greek Milex143.18181818
205040Greek Mile/Plato: Atlantisx144
214866.048Roman Milex149.14772727
224838.4Roman Milex150
23608.256Roman Furlongx1193.18181818
24192Gematria: Mary: 192x3780
250.99431818181Ancient measure 175 ÷ 176x729907.2
266.95149714285Stonehenge Rings differencex104403.4090909
273.47574857142Stonehenge lintel widthx208806.8181818
2897.32096Stonehenge Inner Ring diameterx7457.38636363
291728Cubic Inches in a Cubic Footx420
301.52064Greek Cubitx477272.7272727
311.4598144Roman Cubitx497159.0909090
321.45152Roman Cubit/Shorter valuex500000
331.512Greek Cubit/Shorter valuex480000
341.152Egyptian Foot/Longer valuex630000
35230400Great Pyramid: 480 x 480x3.15
361.064448Arabian Hashimi Footx681818.181818
3720854491.42857NC Earth Polar Radius x0.03480113636
381.02857142857Common Greek Footx705600
391.215Egyptian Remenx597333.333333
402.05714285714Sacred Cubitx352800
413072pws 21st memberx236.25
42104.2817142857Stonehenge Outer Circle diameterx6959.60940968
43660One Furlongx1099.6363636
445280One Milex137.45454545
4586400Seconds in 24 hours x8.4
4625920Platonic Precession x28
47479001600479001600 is 12!x0.00151515151
4820901888NC Earth mean Radius {Feet}x0.03472222222
49131383296NC Earth Circumference {Feet}x0.0055239899
5011404800NC Moon diameter {Feet}x0.0636363636
5135831808NC Moon Cicumference {Feet}x0.02025462963
521.05349794239Pythagorean Limmax688905
533.16049382716Rhind Papyrus fractionx229635
542288GP top perimeter in Feetx317.202797203
55584Maya Synodic period of Venusx1242.73972603
569072GP base side length in Inchesx80
571.14545454545Egyptian Footx633600
581.71818181818Egyptian Cubitx422400
595727.27272727Egyptian Milex126.72
60687.27272727Egyptian Stade {600ft} x1056
61601.3636363Greek Stade {600ft} x1206.85714285
629.6218181818Roman Foot x75428.5714285
631.2027272727Roman Remenx603428.571428
641.44327272727Roman Cubitx502857.142857
65481.090909090Roman Stadex1508.57142857
666.95149714285Standard Geo: Megalithic Rodx104403.4090909
67626.420454545Greek Furlong {625ft}x1158.58285714
681.0022727272Greek Footx724114.285714
690.06013636364Roman Digitx12068571.42857
700.9818181818Common Egypt Footx739200
711.4727272727Common Egypt Cubitx492800
72490.909090909Common Egypt Stade {500ft} x1478.4
73589.090909090Common Egypt. Stade {600ft} x1232
74613.36363636Common Egypt Furlong {625ft} x1183.245887762
751.3745454545Sacred Footx528000
762.0618181818Sacred Cubitx352000
771.01376Longer Greek Footx715909.0909090
781.0368Shorter Greek Footx700000
7990.5142857143{Please see Earth {35} abovex8018.18181818
800.502857142867th of ave. Stonehenge pillarsx1443272.727272
811.13636363636Egyptian to Greek {25 ÷ 22} x638668.8
821.18518518518Pythagorean Minor Thirdx612360
831.00571428571Long to Short {176 ÷ 175}x721636.3636364
841.01587301587Eye of Horus fraction {64 ÷ 63}x714420
853841st PWS memberx1890
861925Gem: Simon Peterx377.018181818
871.0416666666Greek to Roman ratio: 25 ÷ 24x696729.6
881225Gem: Founder of the Cityx592.4571428571
891625Gem: Tree of Lifex446.6215384615
90365Gem: Abraxas, Mithrasx1988.383561644
911480Gem the Twelve Pearls/Jesusx490.3783783783
92880Gem: Lord: x824.7272727272
9321.12Persian Cubit {Canon}x34363.63636363
941.08617142857Assyrian/Germanic {Canon}x668181.8181818
951.09237812245Assyrian/Germanic {Geog}x664385.3305785
961.50340909090Greek Cubitx482742.8571428
971460Sothic Cycle is 1460x497.095890411
981366560Maya Super number: 1366560x0.531085353003
992190Gematria: Son of Manx331.397260274
1001360800Maya Long Count: 1360800x0.533333333333
101666Gematria: The Beastx1089.72972972
102626.420454545Greek Furlong {625ft} x1158.582857142
103589.09090909Common Egyptian Stade {600ft} x1232
1041.3745454545GP base perimeter 3024 ÷ 2200x528000
105260.681142857Lundy Island triangle long sidex2784.09090909
1061959552Nineveh Constant {reduced}x0.37037037037
107577.309090909Roman Stade {600ft} x1257.14285714
1081.7777777777Square root of Rhind Papyrusx408240
1090.9654857142Roman Footx751704.5454545
1101.73787428571Long Geographical Royal Cubitx417613.6363636
1110.912384Common Mycenaean {Geog}x795454.5454545
11256Stonehenge Aubrey Holesx12960
1131.39029942857Sacred Foot x522017.0454545
1148192the 33rd PWS termx88.59375
11513.44GP base 3024 is 13.44 x 225x54000
116343this is 3 x 3 x 3x2115.91836735
11716.8GP 3024 is 16.8 x 180x43200
1181071.42857142Ring of Brogar perimeter Feetx677.376
119104.272457142Diam.of Stonehenge Sarsen Circlex6960.22727272
1201458PWS 12th term x497.777777777
1212.78059885714Megalithic Yard {S. Geog.}x261008.5227272
1229216the 35th PWS term is 9216x78.75
1233240Plato: Planetary Whorl: Ringx224
1241944PWS 15th memberx373.3333333333
1251024PWS 9th memberx708.75
1261.90909090909This is: 96768 ÷ 50688x380160
12772576120 Roman Furlongs: {Earth Trop}x10
1287.04Stonehenge Lintel Ring x103090.9090909
1292.71542857142Astronomical Megalithic Yardx267272.7272727
130336GP Gallery height, 336 feetx2160
1311.08617142857Drusian Foot x668181.8181818
13217.3192727272Stonehenge to Avebury Milesx41904.76190476
133724.114285714Egyptian Furlongx1002.272727272
1341.04272457142Standard Geog. Athenian Footx696022.7272727
135715.909090909Roman Furlong {Trop}x1013.76
1365.01136363636Greek Stade {500ft} x144822.8571429
1374374PWS 25th memberx165.9259259259
138695.149714285Egyptian Stade Geographicx1044.034090909
1391.3824Sacred Foot {Canonical}x525000
1402.72megalithic yardx266823.5294118
14115.0857142857One seventieth of 1056x48109.09090909
14236288010 degrees Latitude lengthx2
14372990.72120 Roman Furlongs {Earth: Nth}x9.94318181818
1441366560Maya super number: 1366560x0.531085353003
1451360800Maya: 1360800x0.53333333333
146579.291428571Egyptian Stade Geographic x1252.84090909
1471.7142857142Royal Cubitx423360
1489.79591836735Polar Foot {Root}x74088
149617.14285714Roman Polar Furlong x1176
1501.0427245714Royal Athenian {Geographic}x696022.7272727
1510.9874285714Roman Polar Foot {Tropical}x735000
1520.99307102041Polar Foot {Geographic}x730823.863636
1531.0948608Standard Geographic Belgic Foot x662878.787878
1540.27154285714Reduced Sumerian Foot x2672727.272727
1551.15858285714Egyptian foot {Geographic} x626420.454545
1561.73787428571Geographic Royal Cubit x417613.6363636
1571.216512Geographic Roman Remen x596590.9090909
1583.0927272727Standard Greek Footx234666.6666666
1593958.69090909NC Earth Equatorial Radius x183.3333333333
1603949.71428571NC Earth Polar Radiusx183.75
16136.49536Twentieth of 729.9072x19886.36363636
1622.60681142857Half-Pace Roman Feet x278409.0909090
1635.21362285714One Roman Pacex139204.5454545
16429622857.14285Stonehenge to Lundy Islandx0.0245
165123.42857142Stonehenge to Lundy Centrex5880
1661.09714285714Royal Roman Footx661500
1671.5034090909Greek Cubitx482742.857142
1682.7154285714Astronomical Megalithic Yardx267272.7272727
1691.08864New Jerusalem Earth Circlex666666.6666666
170274337280GP as a cubex0.002645502646
1712.17234285714Geographic Megalithic Cubitx334090.9090909
172204120Stonehenge to Glastonbury {Feet}x3.55555555555
1731.056“Sumerian foot” x687272.7272727
1743.1428571428Schooldays “Pi” {22 ÷ 7}x230923.6363636
1751.08617142857Drusian Foot x668181.8181818
17691445.76Stonehenge to Silbury Hill {Feet}x7.936507936508
177108.617142857Lundy Island triangle short sidex6681.81818181
1780.994318181Common Reciprocalx729907.2
1790.9072Common Mycenaean Canonical x800000
1800.912384Common Mycenaean Geographicx795454.5454545
181493.714285714Polar Stade {500ft} x1470
182592.457142857Polar Stade {600ft} x1225
183617.142857142Polar Furlong {625ft} x1176
1841.48114285714Polar Cubit Tropicalx490000
1851.52064Greek Cubit {Geographical}x477272.7272727
1861.2096Roman Remen Canonical x600000
1871.084710743802Sumerian Leastx669081.6
1881.090909090909Sumerian Reciprocalx665280
1891.097142857142Sumerian Rootx661500
1901.016916322314Royal Athenian Footx713687.04
1911.103412244898Sumerian {Canonical}x657741.4772727
1929.890909090909Megalithic Footx73376.47058824
1932.10477272727Hashimi Cubit {Standard}x344816.3265306
1942.72727272727Megalithic Yardx266112
1951.07386363636Assyrian/Germanic Reciprocalx675840
1960.9732096Roman Foot/Longer valuex745738.6363636
1970.96768Roman Foot/Shorter valuex750000
1980.96218181818Roman Foot/Standardx754285.714285
1991737.87428571Circular base: Silbury Hillx417.61363636
2000.96548571428Roman Foot Root Canonoicalx751704.545454