To existing and new visitors, I thank you all for visiting my website, you are most welcome. The essays within are constantly updated with new data, latest information. Likewise, I am removing most of the cyclic digits within the calculations, since they are not too easy on the eye, as it were, in addition they spoil the “look” of the pages. Equally there are new essays added for your perusal therefore I trust my essays meet with your approval

Within this website I will endeavour, and I repeat the term, endeavour, to illustrate the way all number is integrated, whether they are numbers of measure, time, distance, area, otherwise whatever. Equally Gematria values, the Musical Scales, in the company of Sumerian, Egyptian, Roman, Maya etc Units of Measure We will explore the GP {Great Pyramid of Giza}, Stonehenge and additional strategically sited extraordinary monuments world-wide, subsequently observe the manner via which the dissimilar age, culture, numbers gel effortlessly. I employ the expression numbers freely, in view of the fact that, to my mind at least, this is all they really are “numbers” Through the ages Humankind produced numbers to represent, for instance 5280, the feet in a modern day Mile, otherwise 86,400, the seconds in 24 hours, however whilst we disregard the appellations feet and miles and simply observe the numbers, fresh connections occur Given that 86,400 is 16.3636 x 5280 in addition 16.3636 x 22 = 360, this we term as, Degrees in a Circle, the underlined number 36 within the 16.3636 being cyclic hence the underlining  Within the essays of the  left-hand side column} I attempt to indicate the reason why I divide, multiply or whatever Units of Measure, Ancient and Modern,

Such as the square root of the Rhind Papyrus fraction {256:81} of 3.160493827 is 1.777 that plus 0.24 = 2.01777 then actual Pi multiplied by 240 then added to the 2.01777 = 756.0000146…tolerable as 756 Feet that multiplied by 12 = 9072.0001756…which is 1.575 x 5760.0001115…all tolerable as GP measurements, obviously the employed 0.24 x 2000 = 480 Feet

In the main the dimensions of the Great Pyramid at Giza shall be illustrated, however as stated these dimensions are mirrored within additional wondrous structures Worldwide, on the other hand the Great Pyramid is, I assume, generally familiar. The noticeable mathematical acrobatics contained within this work will most undeniably appear somewhat awry, however the reader will most definitely not observe anywhere throughout this work any form of manipulation. I anticipate not a soul to concur with my findings with good grace, since it is merely my hypothesis, all I request is that the reader peruse, subsequently form their own educated opinion as to the imprecision otherwise dependability of the subject matter.

Likewise, I politely request the reader to peruse via an unbiased position liberated from oft times bogus childhood indoctrinated concepts Equally I do not declare or venture wherever that my work is the proverbial Holy Grail, missing link, otherwise whatever terminology befits on the subject of number codification, I merely present a diverse approach Furthermore I discern the numbers gel effortlessly, nonetheless, as expressed the final decision lies with the reader, besides I trust you benefit from our oft times unusual journey I shall not state ambiguous terms such as: this is within, or else: this is nearly, I shall leave the numbers speak for themselves, as it were There will undeniably arise occasions whereby the incessant calculations will bore the reader to tears, this is regrettably obligatory given that we are, in the end, exploring the codification of number. Moreover, undeniably, as any mathematician will discern, number may be manipulated to suit the authors desired product, nonetheless as expressed, I shall leave the numbers to illustrate factual from imaginary

I am willingly obligated to convey my genuine appreciation to my adult children and relatives, in addition to close friends who sifted through my innumerable essays. These being the result of number codification that I explored, deduced, subsequently put in writing, that entailed my {ongoing} search lasting well over 45 years. Devoid of their typing assistance in addition to their delving into my accumulation of data, this work may well, by no means have seen the light of day. This web site will, I trust, allow the reader to scrutinize my time-consuming research conclusions, my work in addition covers the dialogues of Plato, Timaeus 31-37 wherein Plato refers to a much sought-after series of numbers, which he refers to as the World Soul. Likewise, the Great Pyramid of Giza, the external and internal dimensions are illustrated regarding their connection to all Units of Measure, Ancient and Modern. One example being the GP volume contains 91,445,760 Cubic Feet  

Yet employing the “number” 91,445,760 multiplied by the Schooldays Pi {2:7} of 3.142857…obtains exactly 287400960, which is a ratio of numerous Units of Measure, no matter the label: Cubit, Feet, Volume or whatever else, employed via diverse cultures, within dissimilar eras I likewise demonstrate the way the ancient Hebraic / Greek systems of Gematria blend so readily with Units of Measure. The series of World-Soul numbers I denote as PWS {Plato’s World Series} The main thrust of my thesis being the codification, the total integration of number, Ancient and Modern-day Units of Measure, all interconnected via processes we Modern day researchers may can but speculate

With all due respect, to the reader the essay Plato World-Soul is somewhat convoluted, furthermore brim-full of number after, in all probability, mind-numbing number, Nonetheless, I solicit that the reader is not persuaded against reading the other essays, given that, I endeavoured to formulate these essays concise in addition to unambiguous. I merely presented the Plato World-Soul {PWS} essay, since every one of the “numbers” within are observed within all the essays herein, therefore please browse liberally, you may perhaps {I trust} discover a tad worthy of attention.  Such as a somewhat curious, nonetheless effective method to “square the circle” I will abridge several “numbers” merely regarding breathing space, furthermore, please confirm the calculations, as is the reader’s undisputed prerogative

An example being: Mr. Nasty: 666

The King James Version of the Bible translates

“Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six”

The Sine: 666 = 0.80901699437494… via omitting the minus symbol this is Phi ÷ 2 However the GP {Great Pyramid of Giza} base-side length is 756 Feet and 756 Cos: x 2 = 1.61803398874989…Phi {abridged} 36 Cos produces 0.80901699437494…Consequently it is observable that, as I readily acknowledge and always have admitted, number is so flexible, so amenable. The number Six Hundred Sixty-Six is “the number of a name” {Revelation: 13:17:18} on the other hand what say we read it as: 600 x 66 = 39,600 that plus the 6 = 39,606 this multiplied by 0.6285714 = 24895.2 that minus a significant number namely 12 = 24883.2 the NC {Numerical Canon} Earth mean Otherwise 600 x 66 x 6 = 237,600 this is the NC Earth to Moon distance, in addition to 237,600 is 24883.2 x 9.5486111 that multiplied by 69.7483636 = 666

The 69.7483636 x 45.420420 = 3168 Gematria Lord Jesus Christ, Gematria: Jesus Christ is 2368; consequently Gematria: “Lord” is 800 The 45.420420 x 2368 = 107555.555 that divided by the 9.5486111 will obtain exactly 11,264, this 11,264 is Gematria: Mary: 192 x 58.666 one thirtieth of 1760 the yards in one mile Consequently are we to understand that Man-Earth is corrupt or are we to read units of measure concealing Gematria Values recognized via those that hath understanding count the number of the beast?

Gematria Value: Bereshit Bara, is 1116, these are the opening two words of the Hebrew Torah that translate {roughly} as: “In the beginning {god} created” Throughout this entire work numerous occasions will come about whereby cyclic {repeating} numbers appear, as an example: 360 ÷ 28 = 12.857142, the 857142 pattern repeats throughout the full array of digits, my PC calculator exhibits 31 decimal places, however there is no constructive benefit via illustrating the entire quantity of digits, hence the abridgement

Equally 360 ÷ 37 = 9.729729, as will be noticed, the 729 is cyclic, otherwise allowing for the initial number 9, we may perhaps state there is a cyclic 972 On the subject of the ancient systems of Gematria, whereby individual letters of the respective alphabets were awarded a numerical value, therefore via studying the letters within a title or phrase etc, a numerical value would be gained, the proverbial “Beast” obtained the Gematria {numerical value} of 666 Nevertheless, yet again, whilst we ignore the supposed foreboding inference of the number 666 the following occurs: 666 x 86400 = 57,542,400, which just so happens to be 25,920 x 2220 {Gematria: John the Baptist}, which is 3.3636 furlongs of 660 modern-day feet

On the other hand, 2220 is 3.333 x 666, the 25,920 pertaining to the Platonic Precession cycle, then again, Precession itself may not be agreed by all, I merely request that the ensuing data be viewed in its entirety, thereby granting my hypothesis a fair analysis

Furthermore, there is no intention, aspiration, nor contrivance to affront those to whom the symbolic numbers are of relevance. I merely employ the numbers awarded in an age of a very dissimilar mindset than modern day humankind, an age of which we have but modest perception; we are required to observe their world via, not ours, but their eyes

Within the first essay Ancient Measure I blend the GP height of 5760 Inches {480 Feet} with the GP base perimeter of 3024 Feet and extend, the product being: An increased 57,603,024,000,000,000 is 31,415,926,535,897,932 plus 26187097464102068 which is 26,180,339,887,498,948 plus 6757576603120. Here we perceive Pi and Phi Squared increased, Likewise I clarify the exact 6757576603120 within the essay

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